Interaction between the thought and the raw material for the production of decorative designs

  • مصطفى احمد الدليل, استاذ مساعد التصميم بقسم التربية الفنية


This research addressed the relationship between design ideas resulting from interacting with nature and contemporary scientific theories and technical trends in design, Where ideas in design starts first followed by application with raw materials, which requires the designer to deal with available materials and media that can be applied in the field of decorative designs.

Contemporary technical trends provide systems and theories, including digital design, Where digital art is associated with digital image and digital sculpture and, space forming and Digital Animation. Those trends have given contemporary artists the opportunity to deal with their artwork and enables them to build their artistic elements in coding numbers that can be dealt with in a series of consecutive mathematical sequential. The engineering theory (Fractals) provided the opportunity to move from art work being based nature to the art work  being based on nature Engineering (module) Through the use of automated engineering technology (on the computer), which enabled the artist of synthesis between, combine theories and apply them in the field of decorative designs.

This study proves the importance of interaction between ideas and contemporary scientific theories، materials and media in the production of decorative designs، especially digital art that allows the designer to deal with the artwork rationally along with internal feelings.