The effectiveness of the visual arts as a rehabilitation strategy for children cancer

  • نجلاء بنت راشد المبدل


The aim of this study visual to develop a program of art therapy for children with cancer and to clarify the role of plastic arts in equipping children with cancer with necessary skills technically, emotionally and muscular, and to develop social networking through artistic activities, and work to adapt children with cancer with the disease and the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and the expression of repressed negative emotions associated with children with cancer.

The researcher presented the case of the research sample by studying in depth the individual case, and presented the problems that experiencing the case, therapeutic objectives and at the end of the case the researcher discussed the results, and have reached several conclusions:

*Therapeutic program help to vent feelings and emotions repressed, mitigating the disease on cancer children.

* The art therapy Program has contributed to the detection of sexual harassment problems experienced by the girl child during the chemotherapy phase.

* Through therapeutic sessions, the expressions of a child with cancer and artistic activities have emerged as a projective for the health and psychological status of the child with cancer.

* To increase the patient's self-confidence and acceptance of cancer in a positive way. -The researcher also made several recommendations, the most important of which are the application of more extensive treatment programs to children with cancer in hospitals and residential homes to care for cancer children to contribute to the lifting of their immune system.

* Application of art therapy strategies to adult patients with cancer.

* Development of academic fields in the art therapy with the purpose of qualifying students in the treatment strategies of the visual arts with special cancer children and adults in general, especially with the increasing number of cancer cases in Saudi Arabia