Aesthetics of construction and symbol concept for the legend as an input for an expression in painting experimental study on The legendary of Nut

  • أحمد محمد فتحي عبد اللطيف البغدادي, أستاذ الرسم والتصوير المساعد بقسم التربي



The background of the problem:

Have emerged search of a problem and there is a clear lack of teaching courses on the menu inspired by heritage. And avoidance obviously to inspire legendary intellect, and weave legends and tales develop the student's ability to creative imagination. Ferry pilot his attempts to find a researcher Fine entrance is based on the idea of inspiration from the legend of heritage experimenting on the legend of Nut as a model.

Research hypotheses: It can expressionist side development in photography inspired entrances plastic arts in photography through the construction of plastic and symbolic legend Nut model.

research goals: Disclosure of the aesthetics of plastic construction and symbolic concept in portrayals legend experimenting on (Nut) as an input for inspiration in painting.

- Find new creative entrances useful in building configuration to address the shortcomings faced by the students during the practice of the creative process.

research importance:

- To identify implications of different shape and conditions legend Nut.

- To identify concept of plastic construction and its importance in highlighting the content of working legend of Nut message.

- To identify methods of some plastic artists achieved their aesthetic plastic construction inspired by the legendary heritage in painting to enrich configuration.

Research Methodology: research follows a descriptive approach analytical and empirical frameworks through theoretical and practical: First, the theoretical framework:

- Aesthetics legend between the concept of ideological and symbolic creativity.

Construction formative artwork inspired:

- Selections from the works of Egyptian and Arab photographers realized by the aesthetics of the construction  based on the formative inspiration heritage.

Second, the operational framework:

- Aesthetics Plastic construction and symbolic legend Nut morphological analysis.

- Resume applications conducted by the researcher.

- Artwork from experimenting researcher inspired by legend Nut.