Benefit from Plastic Potentials of the Applied Techniques on the Natural Consumed Burlap Material for Achieving Sustainable Development in the Handicraft

  • بسمة محمد أبو اليزيد, مدرس الأشغال الفنية – قسم التربية الفنية


The research deals with the concept of sustainable development , and how it can be achieved through the plastic potential of the techniques applied on the natural consumed Burlap material , which considered one of the natural raw materials environmentally  friendly and recyclable , the research problem that although the Burlap is considered an economic material it is limited on making bags are needed for agricultural and industrial products , protective sleeves for parcels and supporter cloth at furniture, also the big width Burlap has been used to strengthen the carpet, so the researcher is trying to benefit from plastic potential of this material to  achieve sustainable development in the handicraft through producing beneficial handicraft , summed up the research problem in the next question:

How can achieve sustainable development for the handicraft through benefit from plastic potential of the natural consumed Burlap material?

It also presents considerations for sustainable development ,plastic potential of the Burlap, then it shows grope of handicrafts which has been made by first year students , in the faculty of specific education , followed by the important results and the recommendations