Using Plastic Capabilities of Paper Material as Essential Element in Book Cover Design

  • nashwa mohamed hassan


The conscious attention to the value of the link between the concepts of originality and modernism held several researchers and artists who realized the importance of reviving the past under the umbrella of modernity. And the desirable progress can only be achieved by considering the conjunction data between two poles fragments between them both time and place, the poles of tradition and simulation in face off experimentation and abstraction, Academic practice in face off machine capabilities and its programs, back to nature or surrendering to the future of technology. The preoccupation with the above is a known fact known to many and an integral part of our experience of current reality in which teacher is assigned with burdens counts for him to straighten concepts and achieve a balance between the dissonant polar and get out with the desired results.

Paper material provides sufficient space for researching between its several plastic capabilities which proofed its ability to accommodate both traditional and modern methods in balanced and parallel ways. So, both dyed handmade paper and printed automatically prepared one has plastic value which qualifies it to explore aesthetic, functional and educational dimensions in line with current culture which hardly seeks for balancing between the past with its inherited values and the present with its attracting data. Also paper technical and traditional capabilities of composing and blending enable art student to compete with technological ways in design and application where it became possible with some guidance and correction for the teacher to create new teaching ways without academic limitations in practice without deviation from agreed basics and foundations.

So, using paper plastic capabilities in book covers design involves interesting visual research featuring with simplicity in application and fast arrival to innovating unexpected results. It also includes skilful and functional important sides in developing design student’s perceptions away from machine programs complications and the problems of Lack of technological resources in teaching academic courses.

Accordingly research problem can be cleared through the following question:

How can we benefit from using paper plastic capabilities as essential element in book cover design?