" The Role of Aesthetic Values of Arabic Calligraphy and Plastic Skills to Support Cultural identity and Sustainable Development for Faculty of Specific Education Students "

  • khaled ali hassan


Education For Sustainable Development aim at creating Skills and Knowledge to make Lighted and Development Decisions and acting According to It What Return Helpful on Our self and Another People Now And On The Future.

Cultural Identity From Preferences Building up The Humanism , from This building People Recognize For Forces And Possibilities And The Best Ways to a achieve Development Grades From Creation Faraway Dependence And Upper hand .

The Plastic Art From The Most Important Cultural Fields That The Creation And Development The Main Features of it .

The Plastic Artist Prove to identity and development in The Plastic Art From Through his Subjects And his self Symbols , or From    his Tradition Background .

The Plastic and Expressionism Skills of Arabic Calligraphy are the Most Important  Sides In Islamic Tradition  That Can Choose From it And Enrich And Development The Plastic Art .

In This Research We Learn How to Benefit From Arabic Calligraphy Types And Development  its Aesthetic values In Environmental  Decorative in Shapes of Living Creatures And plants , and Learn From Our Tradition And Our Wellborn Civilization how to Design Modern decorative Board

Depend on these Aesthetic Values , Plastic Skills , Cultural Identity Background , And Visual Background For   Faculty Of Specific Education

Students to Enrich Designs And Arabic Calligraphy .

From Design A strategic we  Can learn Students How They Can use Arabic Calligraphy Such as ( Diwani ) That Have Lithe And Easy in Plastic , They Can Building Construction Contours , Frames In The  Space of The Board used One Of Living Creatures ( Animal, Birds , Fish ) or Plants , Then used The Arabic Calligraphy Skills in Designing This Construction By ( Repetition ,Increasing ,Decreasing … and else ) in attempt to copy Details And Texture Of Creatures , All That get Through using Contemporary Style And Creation To Approach Our Cultural Identity And Aesthetic Values Of Arabic Calligraphy .