Folk Arts in the Egyptian environment as a source to enrich the decorative designs

  • Barakat Saeed Mohammed, Design Assistant Professor - Department


    Folk arts are considered inherent arts of civilization and parallel to them.  These arts still retain their traditions forming  own personality of the surround  the environment  them. They are affected by all factors and events that revolve around them. Therefore, they are source of enrichment of decorative designs, whatever the raw material (natural or manufactured) or mediator that has differed as walls or attic or other securities.

    Decorative design is an area of ​​Fine Art in general and art education especially. Building composition of it sometimes depends on some elements of folk arts among the Egyptian environment having the richness and diversity of those elements of either plant, animal, engineering or other elements that have its Fine role on decorative designs and do not generate a vacuum because it is a part of human behavior.

This research aims to:
1- study of the importance of the elements of folk art derived from the environment.

2- recognize scope of haw  to take advantage of folk arts of the Egyptian environment  on decorative

    designs of the ancient and Islamic Egyptian Civilizations.    

    Folk arts will continue to be a source of art springs, where artist benefits from all the time to produce his decorative design that enrich him aesthetically pleasing and expressive. Thus, artist will be get a pretty features and  something special . Therefore decorative design will serve as an effective tool to regulate emotions and feeling . Because the decorative design imparts qualities and characteristics on its features of its contents, there is a closely relation between decorative design elements and  folk arts derived from environment .