Extrapolation of systems mathematicalthe beginnings ofthe fenceinthe Koran and theapplicationin the field ofdecorative designs

  • Mustafa Ahmed El dalil, Assistantprofessor ofdesign Faculty of S


This research deals withthe relationshipbetween thoughtthe designoutput of dealing with the beginnings of The beginnings of chapters and verses, the Koranwhich did not discover her secret until now, and theories of contemporary scientific and technical trends in the field of design, where it is known design that he thought first and then followed by the application on raw materials, which requires the designer to deal with the raw materials and the media available in the field of decorative designs.
And allows contemporary art trends systems and theories, including Digital Design, where associated art digital image digital, these trends allowed the artist contemporary opportunity to deal with his art as he can from the coding vocabulary figures can be handled in a series of mathematical sequence, also allowed the theory of engineering segment (fraktal) the opportunity to move from the technical nature of the work and according to the nature of the thought of Engineering (module) through the use of automated engineering technology (computer art) which enabled the artist of synthesis between these theories combined and applied in the field of decorative designs.
-The current research aims to shift in ways of thinking to connect the natural sciences and the scientific theories of modern and contemporary Quranic text and the arts, which will find out new intellectual input and new construction is based on the logical IP-based multiple solutions to enrich the decorative design.
-The importance of the present research in the detection of pairing theories  Fractal Geometry and the beginnings of The beginnings of chapters and verses, the Koranand invested in the detection of new entries enrich decorative designs.
- Resulted in this study, the importance of having some kind of interaction between each of the thought and scientific theories and contemporary materials and media developed for the production of decorative designs and especially digital art allows the designer to deal with the technical work rationally, along with feelings of Interior