Vision For The Aesthetics Of Plastic Art, Patchwork, To Take Some Styles Pigmented As An Introduction To The Concept Of Originality And Contemporary

  • safaa saleh mohamed


The problem of this study, the presence of a strong dynamic poignant relationship between artistic creativity triangle (Heritage, originality, contemporary), which melted in the crucible of one occurring case of interaction and mixing and form, according to some of the technical and Fine concepts of Islamic Art, which crystallized features in the products of art rich formative and aesthetically to reveal the perspective of philosophical and cultural approach to that era or that period of time, has been applied to the experiment on the band students first Faculty of Specific Education - Alexandria University for the academic year 2013 - 2014, through applications printing a decision, and I've come researcher that melanocytes used methods in the application of this study represented in (tay & day and batik wax) may have contributed to the achievement of vision plastic updated influenced the aesthetics of paintings melanocytes producing one of the folklore arts techniques which (patchwork), including works as an entry point to emphasize the originality of thinking and contemporary artistic approach through inspired designs derived from Islamic Art , where the study focused on the aesthetics of the revival of Islamic heritage to suit the modern era.