The Principles E-learning Design Derived from Cognitive Load Theory

  • Helmy Mohamed Helmy Elfi, Lecturer of Educational Psychology Facul


This Research aimed at Understanding the Cognitive Load Theory assumptions, interpretation of how to manage the Cognitive Load (the methods used to control the Cognitive Load) and discovering the Principles E-learning Design Derived from Cognitive Load Theory.

Researcher used Descriptive Method to answer research questions through the presentation and interpretation of the results and recommendations of the literature and studies of Arab and foreign-related.

The Results of the Research showed a set of principles, recommendations, and educational applications based on the Cognitive Load Theory which may be taken in the design of e-learning and dynamic multimedia learning environments in order to improve instruction and learning processes. The ultimate goal of this theory is to maximize the learner's educational gains by less mental effort can be spent.

Key words: -

  • E-learning Design.
  • Instructional Design.
  • Cognitive Load Theory.
  • Multimedia Learning Environments.