The Level of Job Satisfaction among Decoration Teachers in the Government Middle Schools of Kuwait

  • على صالح النجادة


There is no doubt that the level of job satisfaction of any employee in any job has a significant impact on his sense of belonging to that job, and a clear effect on the level and quality of his or her productivity. In addition, the level of job satisfaction has an impact on the mental health of that employee, and the extent of his or her commitments to work policies and ethics of the profession. As a result, this study was designed to identify the level of job satisfaction among the male and female decoration teachers in the government middle schools of Kuwait.

             The study involved 185 decoration teachers from both genders and from different middle schools for boys and girls. The most important findings of this study were the low level of job satisfaction of 76 (41.08%) participants, while the same level fluctuated between satisfaction and lack of it for one-third of the sample (60.4%, 32.43%). In addition, more than half (152, 84.70%) of the decoration teachers approved the idea of changing the current decoration curriculum to a new one in which the principles of interior design as well as furniture carpentry are taught.