Interior designer and the design process “Toward new trends in the profession”

  • محمد عبد اللطيف سمك


The process Huwail internal vacuum to an environment characterized byefficiency functional and Fine require a number of tasks carried out by the interior designer, administration and business planning for the interior design is one of the important and vital to ensure the continued success of specialization quite as competing creative and technical skill to the owner of the institution and the staff associated with, if not correspond practice with business management style, here shows the difficulty in continuity in the labor market, whatever the level of creative staff.

     The aim of this study is to look at specialized on your side business management for specialty interior design and focus of attention will focus on marketing, the importance of contracts, methods of calculating the material, in addition to a number of other legal issues, as we recognize some of the challenges that is one of the keys to business management pursue a career in the field of interior design.

The level of professionalism develops through effective and tests related to the culture of professional specialist, the economic system of the society in which it resides, and contemporary social systems, values​​, and that is a special case of professionalism by supporting commitment to intellectual and continuous assessment of the design theory.