Using basic Geometric Shapes to Design Toys: an approach to develop Creative Thinking in children

  • Ghada Mustafa Mohammed Rashwan, Lecture of Decorative Design in a facult


Art Education is one of the means of education which can design creative games plus solutions to help kindergarten children on the development of his creative thinking and about the roles of special education designer promoting positive trends of the child about games, and encourage creativity through the design of games including basic concepts for the development of awareness of the child through the elements and principles of design. In  respect to research addressing the geometric basic (triangle, circle& square) and its plastic solutions, and vocabulary analytical access to many different forms and possibilities multi-out creative designs by easy way suitable for the capacities of the child which can practice activities that devlope creative thinking, taking into account the characteristics of the age group "stage early Childhood ", a child at this stage is characterized by highly dynamic, and fired my mind, the love of a survey led to experimentation, synthesis, analysis and construction and therefore in need of games suitable to play with them including skills jaw and integration, construction, installation, and the more of these tools varied and attractive inspiring his imagination and filling his basic needs.

The research aims to employ the plastic possibilities of basic engineering shapes in designing games for kindergarten children, through the exercise by the child for a range of artistic activities for the development of creative thinking.


Key words: Basic Geometric Shapes - Design Toys - Kindergarten Children - Creative Thinking