The Effect of Virtual Movement in Some artist Works to Enrich Designs for Art Education Teachers

  • أحلام أحمد محمد المليجى
  • دينا عادل حسن
  • نشوى محمد حسن
  • مي أحمد السيد


The research emphasis on the importance of the development of design skills with teachers of art education, through the principle of professional development and self-learning, by taking advantage of the results of the theoretical study of the Virtual Movement systems, design and draw relationships New paintings by some of the artists who Ntauloa perceptions Fine performers to express rhythmic locomotor, and converted Perceptions of the design and formulation to achieve the estimated motion systems.

It also gave the search light on the importance of visual perception and its role in the taste of art and its effect on the viewer, and to emphasize the importance of perception in the development of artistic taste with teachers of art education. It Visual image also touched on the importance of search to express rhythmic locomotor Considered as a doorway entrances to the development of design skills to the richness of art that inspired many artists throughout history, and its relationship to   Arts, design and music.