Functionalization of orchestration in the Jordanian Ode "poem song form" (Ana Al Ordon as a model)

  • خالد محمد البلعاوي, كلية الفنون الجميلة، جامعة اليرمُوك
  • محمد زهدي الطشلي
  • أنس سليمان ملكاوي
Keywords: form, Jordanian Ode, orchestra, orchestration, Jordanian song


This research aims to clarify the artistic aspects of Jordanian Ode song, and to defne the functionalization of the  orchestration. The research follows the descriptive approach (content analysis), The research sample is the Jordanian song (Ana Al Ordon). The research is divided into two frameworks: theoretical and practical, the theoretical framework contains previus studies, the definition of orchestra, instrumental sections, orchestration, Arabic poetry components and the definition of the classical Arabic song forms. The practical framework  analyzes the practice of orchestration of  the research sample "Ana Al Ordon". The  results summary of the research are:1.                The Appearance of Jordanian Ode in Jordanian music scene in the previus century "seventies of twentieth century" contributed to the use of orchestration in Jordanian songs.2.                 Orchestraion was dominated by string instruments as the core of the musical work, in addition to employing the choir as well as some non-rhythmic singing style "recitative". And the use of brass instruments and some orchestral percussion instruments.