The Extent of Employing Computing Simulation in production Art works among Faculty Members at Yarmouk University

  • Bilal M. Diabat


This study aims to find out the extent to which computing simulations were used in production art works by faculty staff at Yarmouk University. The study sample consisted of (41) staff in the departments of drama, theater, music and plastic arts. The researcher used a questionnaire consisting of (40) paragraphs, as the coefficient of reliability of the tool was at(0.82). The results showed the high degree of employing computing simulation in production art works among faculty staff at the University. They also showed there are no statistically significant differences in variables (gender and specialization). Apart from statistically significant differences in the scientific grade variables for the rank of associate professor and for the number of years of experience (more than seven years). The researcher recommended to holding courses and training workshops for faculty staff to enable them to activate and develop the use of computing simulation in the art works.
Keywords: employing, computing simulation, artwork, faculty staff.