The Social Inclusion in Contemporary Ceramic in Jordan

  • mahmoud ahmed saleh bani khaled


      The current study (Societal Inclusion In Contemporary Ceramic In Jordan) discusses the social, moral and educational ideas and values involved in the contemporary ceramic experiment in Jordan, and the various techniques of artistic formation. The study of the ceramic works represented by the sample of the study is conducted by a group of contemporary Jordanian potters, These ideas in the criticism of the community, and awareness, and guidance morally and educationally, towards the reformulation of contemporary social values and correct their course to achieve cohesion of the family and the unity of the community                                                 

       After mentioning the problem of the study, represented by the reluctance of the contemporary ceramic experiment in Jordan to include the societal and educational values ​​in its artistic achievements, except for a small number among the ceramic arts center, in addition to the multiplicity and differing methods of artistic presentation, in relation to the technical forms, the contents that contain them, The study aims at uncovering these societal contents, and their role in educating the individual and society, directing it to achieve his flesh, as well as explaining the various methods in dealing with the technical forms and methods of including these ideas through an analytical study of four works of art produced by three contemporary Jordanian potters (1985 - 2015), the period of time that included the works of art in the field of ceramics, the subject of the study, they are the potters (Mahmoud Taha, Margaret Tadros, and Marwan Tawaha), followed in its study descriptive analytical approach, to get out the results that responded to the research objectives, The importance of this study is to draw the attention of the local community to the specificity of these works, which support the link between art and society, and refers to the educational and guiding role of art in correcting the structure of Jordanian society and enhancing its confidence in its cognitive and cultural values.                                                          

      The study covered the theoretical framework of two subjects. The first dealt with a set of ideas and opinions of philosophers and thinkers in the field of social art, and its educational role which enhances the relationship between art and society and their mutual role in spreading human awareness. He cited examples of international art. Contemporary Ceramics in Jordan, which focused specifically on the inclusion of the educational community in its formal fabric, and the specificities and methods of the methods                                                                                                                     

After analyzing the samples, using interviews, publications and critical articles, the study ended with the following results:                                                                                  

1-Emphasis on the principle of organic unity and objectivity in the humanitarian community with its relationship to the Mother Earth, which symbolizes existence                                                                           

2-Urgent advocacy to build a strong and cohesive family bond    that can withstand the threats of negative and modern values ​​and ideas, emanating from the neighborhood, through all forms of harmful digital technology and image                                                                                          

  3- The diversity of the mechanisms of mind work on the way to include the idea of ​​community and moral value in the work of ceramic art, from which adopted the method of displaying the negative picture implicitly implied contrary, including the direct approach to the presentation of the image directly, in a call to represent them directly                                                                                                                               

    4- Emphasize the positive and the need for diversity of sources of knowledge and family culture in the civilizational structure of family members and society                                                                                           

Keywords: Social art, Inclusion, Contemporary Ceramics