Artistic Features of Conceptual Photography

  • قاسم عبد الكريم الشقران
  • تحسين فارس الزعبي


This study aimed to identify the artistic trends and features of contemporary conceptual photography, and to analyses the experiences of a number of prominent contemporary conceptual photographers, in order to identify their styles, philosophies and ideologies. The descriptive analytical method was used in order to answer the questions of the study and test its hypotheses. The sample of the study consisted of artworks of three prominent conceptual artists at the regional Arab and international levels. The importance of the study is related to investigating an important contemporary artistic movement, which is undergoing developments that may lead to major transformations in its techniques and trends, because conceptual photography is considered as a trend which continues to enhance its status in the world of contemporary art.

Results showed the presence of a huge variety in the styles, techniques, and contents of the artworks of conceptual photographers. Results showed also that the most important features of conceptual photography is the prudence of content and ideas over form, and that its content is derived from various sources, including the historical events, and the stereotypical roles of gender. Results showed also the presence of various important Arab experiences in the field of conceptual photography, some of which were influenced by the experiences of prominent international artists.

Based on the results of the study, the researcher recommended conducting additional studies about conceptual photography, especially the Arab Experiences, as well as increasing the awareness about its importance. 

Key terms: Artistic Features of Conceptual Photography, Conceptual Art , Postmodernist Art.