Renewable formulations of Najd old ornaments in the Saudi Arabia as a way to maintain the popular heritage

  • أمل محمد سعود ال موسى


Old ornament in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Najd region in particular has deep roots in history. It expresses noble values, high habits and stories of epic struggles that, as a result, make it rich with distinguished and inspiring fine art elements. That, in turn, has an effect on the artist who always looks forward to high creation by offering subjects, which bear the fragrance of history in a civil template suitable to the modern developmental life.


The research paper provides a deep study of Renewable Formulations of Najd old ornaments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in three stages. The first one is defining certain sources to inspire the old ornament; the second one is analysis of ornament elements and shapes from the source to elementary elements; and the third (last) stage is the ornament`s re-design based on several artistic accesses and considerations: abstraction, materialization, repetition, overlay, change, magnifying and minimizing with saving the popular features. By the end of the research paper, the design will be in its final shape after passing through different formulation stages.

 An artist can invent designs keeping up with the times, bearing novelty and originality as well as saving the feature of Saudi identity which distinguishes it from others. This encourages expanding the scope of creation and invention through modern trends of fine arts within the framework of heritage which contribute to protecting heritage from any foreign culture and to revive it in conformity with the age requirements in order to build a firm identity to continue in all circumstances and to make the coming generations proud of it.