Artist Abdoul ALmorseal AL zaidi Creative experience Dramatic integrated

  • نايف محمود الشبول


Involving creative experience distinctive tagged (artist Abdul sender Zaidi "integrated Arab creative experience") which worked by the artist Abdul sender Zaidi, among the elements of specificity and uniqueness and originality, both in terms of cultural and linguistic references or on the dramatic structure of aesthetic, in particular, technical and construction level the formation and representation of the criticism and the formation in general. These are quality ingredients that made it a problematic experience need attention and looked, and monitoring and analysis, reveals the nature and vision and do the drama and degree in the hierarchy of artistic creativity. The creative Privacy enjoyed by these fertile experience that will incite any reading research is serious, more reflection and careful and dive into the underground areas of the experiment, to be tools can network transformations structural and stylistic semiotics and Fine enjoyed by artist Abdul sender Zaidi experience monitors. Is an experimental research in the field of artistic creation multiple floor levels is problematic creative charged tender and excitement on meditation and writing, a high value back vital and creative, cultural and aesthetic dialectic, and the element of fundamental formative and central in most genres and dramatic arts. The manifestation in ((the experience of Abdul sender Zaidi)) as a creative and space and memory is renewed in Arab culture drama, within the availability of all the reasons for giving momentum passionate and Ojaddana and struggle the meaning of creative rise to the meaning of life itself, there is no life without creativity which condense history, geography, home and future symbols and man, and become helpers alive all these symbols and meanings