Art Education and Its Role in Other Curriculum Materials (An Experimental Study of The Third Grade Students in Mathematics and Language Through Using The Animation Program)

  • Mowafaq Alsaggar
  • Rafal Alkawaz Balbel


In this study, the researchers presented a new method, which is using a modern technological program in art class by introducing a simple animation of drawing and handcraft and employing the animation program. The aim of this study is to engage the animation program in  order to develop the teaching methods, and cope with the technical development which is becoming a characteristic of this era, through an easier usage of the modern methods in art education, to adequate subject and time of lesson, and to activate students' response to these modern methods. The most important results of the study revealed the significant interaction of students with the technological means and tools, and their desire to use them. The study recommends to introduce the technology including the animation program within the programs of teachers’ preparation in general, and in art education in particular.

Keywords: art education, technology in arts, philosophy of education, artistic image, children's drawings




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