"The Application of the Training Quality Assurance Systems to Achieve the Sustainability of Textile Products in Siwa Oasis"

  • Sherif A . Temraz


Siwa Oasis is one of the major depressions in the western desert in Egypt, with many regions and villages, including different villages, Bahi el-din is one of this major villages ( Study subject ), Siwa is currently a major source of tourism in Egypt, both in terms of cultural tourism, archaeological, recreational and environmental tourism.
Siwa is famous for its production of Heml and Kleem Siwain, however, professionals from the weavers of this craft has extinct.

The disinclination of Siwain youth on the work in this craft, because of the less of income of handicrafts, these were the biggest impact of the lack of production of traditional Siwain Heml and Kleem.

The Siwain heritage has importance in the Egyptian artistic wealth, encourage to this study which confirmed that the training is a component of the quality of technical and decorative design to relive heritage textile in Siwa oasis.

This research Conclude the important of preparation of training programs on the basis of documented scientific and applied ensure the quality of the design, implementation and marketing through the preparation of a training program for both of weavers and their trainers to help them in achieve this mission established on the quality management system, and also the quality of rehabilitation facilities without a guide, as well as appointed by the quality of performance of Solving problems to reach to promotion and marketing of the product of Siwain Heml and Kleem and Continuity of the project.