"Methods Of Integration Of The Abstract Form In The Field Of Ceramics And Mosaics On Contemporary frescoes "

  • Hend El-badry Azaz


         "In recent times, the joints between different branches of art have been abolished. Ceramic is no longer limited to the traditional or traditional vessel, and the interaction of ceramics with photography, sculpture and the appearance of composite work also changed the perception based on visual perception in terms of the transfer of reality as it is. The expression of what goes through inside meanings and artistic contents bearing symbols, forms and meanings through the artist's synthesis and integration in a manner appropriate to his art and taste and artistic sense to the recipient To absorb those meanings and the technical implications of the artist, where he unleashed the individual in the freedom of expression of ideas and technical proposals and has full freedom to use the colors and raw materials that appeal to him and there are no longer specific standards and standards that oblige the artist and limit his artistic capacity we find the breadth of creativity, creativity, Originality and contemporary . The modern artist has tended to abstraction with the aim of achieving fundamental values ​​in the universe where the forms and engineering systems are more able to express these meanings as they represent the essence of things and are characterized by constant and absolute beauty. This means that the basis of this art is to tighten the plastic relations between parts and all or between details and formula Everything is fused into the creative scientific crucifix that authorizes the birth of the new creature. This is a general significance, which does not matter the appearance of art objects, as it approaches or departs from the apparent form. The lesson is not abstraction, but the essence of the relations. It does not matter if she draws on the garments that bring her closer to the reality, or completely departs from this reality and emerges as close relationships with visual implications behind themThe researcher tries to benefit from the essence of the aesthetic data of the content of abstract tendencies and their roots and their many different cultural and natural arts, etc. To address the concept of integration between the art of mosaic and contemporary ceramic art in this direction and highlighting it in new uses consistent with the educational thought in the field of ceramics, Ceramic or other applied fields depends mainly on the ability of the practitioner in the balance between aesthetic values ​​and technical aspects where they complement each other to interact together in a single mix within the work of art and depends on the researcher in the design work on the Engineering and various forms Thaliltha also depend on the forms of organic abstractions.