Prevalence of Obesity Among Kindergarten Boys and Their Mothers'Nutritional Awareness

  • Sahloul O.T


This study was conducted to assess the prevalence of kindergarten children boys of overweight/obesity and its association withmothers'
food awareness in Damietta, in 2015.Height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI)forforty-one children boys, aged 4-6 years were measured, then questionnaires to evaluate the nutritional awareness of mothers, and to track the child's dietary intake were made, from Damietta children. Obtained results indicated that: 4.9% of boys were underweight, 63.4% were normal weight, 22% were overweight, and 9.8% were obese.The study also proved that Nutritional awareness does not reflect the nutritional status of individuals, therefore schools role must be enabled by giving special courses increasing nutritional awareness of mothers.

Key Words:Prevalence of obesity- child boys obesity – BMI