The Role of Digital Painting Programs Techniques in the Contemporary Painting in Jordan

  • Mowafaq Alsaggar, assistant professor, Yarmouk University;
  • Hana Mahmoud Trman


This study aims to reveal the role of digital painting programs and their impact techniques in contemporary painting in Jordan, where there are two approaches between artistic outputs in Jordan, where he is heading some artists to traditional techniques, while others tempted to adoption of digital technologies in art painting, then the researcher exited results dealt  and it was most important that the Jordanian artist was able to keep up with all international technical developments in the world of global digital art and produce artworks of not less than the value and aesthetic of global artworks, and it employs digital painting and its magnitude of contemporarycontents in completion of his artwork.

     Key Words: Jordanian Digital Painting, Painting Art, Digital Painting, Digital Art, Digital Drawing Program