Aesthetic study in the paintings of Amra Palace

  • عبدالله حسين مفلح عبيدات
  • أدهم سامي محمد العزام


The research, in this study investigated a sample of wall paintings of Amra palace which were executed on the palace walls and see lings in "Fresco" manner, so the research followed the analytical descriptive method that aims at revealing the beauties of these paintings represented in structure elements for the art work, the writing form and space, shadows and lights, and the color.

Also this research showed a brief look for the palace civilization reality its history its origin and its architecture description, then it showed asset of paintings with their description and analysis, based on the elements of art structure, and then showing the most important aesthetic and constructivism's for them also at the and of the research, the research concluded the most important finding and recommendations.


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