Reception of the Dramatic Structure in the Jordanian Drama: An Aesthetic Analytical Study

  • نايف محمود الشبول


This study came into being to emphasize the importance of the research which concerns the Reception of the Dramatic structure in the Jordanian Drama and its reflection of the Jordanian recipient’s satisfaction, aesthetic appreciation towards the dramatic performance and its interpretation of signs and messages that pertain to the viewers’ cultural and aesthetic experience, which entails his/her interaction with the theatrical work. Especially, when we realize that the success of the dramatic work lies in transforming the viewers into active participants who support the work and director from its early beginning. This experience, in fact, contributes to widening the awareness of the recipients, and, therefore, enhance their verbal and aesthetic views and develop their creative thinking, and help with making a critical view out of it. Therefore, this study came to emphasize the reception concept which seems to be ignored in the research field, where there are few studies on it in forms of newspaper articles that do not make up a scientific research. The study concludes that there should be collaboration in researching and studying this issue in order to emphasize and show the aesthetics of the Jordanian theatre by means of real scientific research that is based on investigation and discussion through inviting specialists in the field who realize the importance of the Jordanian Drama.