The Potential of Origami Concept In the Forming of the Theatrical Costumes Design

  • Randa Ismail Taha Negm, Assistant Prof., Department of Decoratio


     Origami concept is one of the biggest trends of design in the world for the past few years, Origami is not only a sophisticated art form, but it inspires innovative concepts in design and inventions in engineering, architecture, and technology. Also this art of paper folding has greatly influenced artists and designers from fashion to interior design, inspiring numerous origami style products and spaces. [1]

     The paper proposes an approach where theatrical costumes design can be developed according to the origami concept. Costumes designers can take advantages of the complex origami concept, by the use of folded fabric techniques and computer technology, where algorithms of mathematical and geometric patterns can produce new designs and forms of costumes design. This will opens up new horizons in costumes design inspired from origami concept in the formation of the theatrical costumes design.

    Designers can set up their costumes design inspired from geometric patterns, fold, and creases, especially in the futuristic, fantasy, abstract and alien performances. This will enhance the visual visions of costumes designers, and will allow endless possibilities and an infinity creative formation. By changing the steps in the folding process, the costume designer will end up with a totally different costumes design.


Costumes design, origami theory, Kirigami, Modular origami, Wet-folding.